Daniel Mossť Curriculum Vita in postscript, PDF or html

Daniel Mossť                
Computer Science Department
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
+1 412 624-8923 (fax 624-8854)

very cool visual of american demographics. gotta love visual tools. and the NYT.

Video of how to separate the yolk from the egg. in chinese

Article about how Pgh people do NOT commute by car!!!!

poetry in Portuguese: A Baleia

An article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette about "enlisting Samurai warriors and ballerinas to help teach CS

An article! this one about CS students and CS education in the Pitt Chronicle.

An article on 2007 Provost's Innovation in Education Award in the Pitt Chronicle. Note: 3 of 4 from Arts and Sciences are from CS; and there were only 11 awards! go Amer and Labrinidis!!!

2006 Bellet Teaching Award page. Congrats to the editor of the 4-minute video!

Article in the Teaching Times about teaching techniques.

Random rants: Vitamin Water; Trader Joe's Cinamon Swirls; Wake-on-LAN on Linux, Postini

Here's an extremely old summary of internet stuff from someone at Memphis State Interesting Internet tools