Research Interests

My research areas are artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP). My research with students and colleagues has been in discourse processing, pragmatics, and word-sense disambiguation. A major concentration of our research is "subjectivity analysis", recognizing and interpreting expressions of opinions and sentiments in text, to support NLP applications such as question answering, information extraction, text categorization, and summarization.

Publications, Corpora, Software, and Bibliography

Click here for publications

Bibliography of work in subjectivity and sentiment analysis: .bib file

Click HERE for downloadable resources, including the MPQA opinion annotated corpus, OpinionFinder system, subjectivity lexicon, including prior polarity/sentiment annotations, and subjectivity sense annotations

Current Teaching

On Medical Leave, since Nov 2015.

Current Projects

Interactive Search and Review of Clinical Records with Multi-layered Semantic Annotations; with Wendy Chapman, Harry Hockheiser, and Rebecca Hwa; funded by the National Library of Medicine.

Uncovering Motivations, Stances and Anomalies Through Private-State Recognition and Interpretation; with Claire Cardie and Rada Mihalcea; funded by the DARPA DEFT program.

Recent Activities

On medical leave, from November 2015.

Presented a tutorial at ACL 2015 with Owen Rambow on Belief and Sentiment. The slides and bibliography are available here.

Keynote Speaker, Canadian AI Conference. The slides are available here.

Action Editor, Transactions of the ACL, 2012-2015.

Member, Dietrich School, and University of Pittsburgh Senate, Nominating Committees, 2015-2015.

Judge for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, May 2015

Area Co-Chair: EMNLP 2013 (Opinion Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining); ACL 2012 (Social Media and Sentiment Analysis). Pitt's 255 Anniversary: Science and Technology Highlights of the Intelligent Systems Program

Presented a tutorial at ACL 2012: Rada Mihalcea, Carmen Banea, Janyce Wiebe. Multilingual Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis

Recent/Upcoming Invited Talks:

  • Keynote, 2015 Canadian Artificial Intelligence conference , Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, June 2015.
  • Invited speaker, Konvens2014 , Hildesheim, Germany, October 2014.
  • UC Santa Cruz, November 2014. Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis (WASSA) ACL, South Korea, July 2012
  • Keynote, Sentiment Analysis Symposium , NYC, May 2012
  • IBM Watson Research Lab, Hawthorne, NY, May 2012
  • Department of Computer Science, University of Memphis, April 2012
  • UMIACS, University of Maryland, February 2012

Interesting Links

Richard A. Wiebe New York State Senate Public Service Fellowship. Scroll down to "Memorial Fellowships" and click on one of the PDFs. This is a memorial fellowship honoring my father's service to the New York State Senate; my parents are doing well, living in the Austin, Texas area.

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SentimentAI Yahoo! group

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