Tentative Reading List
August 29 Introduction to parallel computing (slides)
August 31 Introduction to GPUs (slides)
September 5 Introduction to GPUs and GPU synchronization (slides)
September 12
MIMD synchronization on SIMT architectures
Jiwei (presenter), Seyed, John
Reducing GPU offload latency via fine-grained CPU-GPU synchronization
Debashis (presenter), Zaeem, Injung
Inter-Block GPU Communication via Fast Barrier Synchronization
Mohamed (presenter), Junda, Kenrick
September 14 HPC fault tolerance (slides)
September 19
Access Pattern-Aware Cache Management for Improving Data Utilization in GPU
Seyed(presenter), John, Jiwei
Analyzing memory management methods on integrated CPU-GPU systems
Injung(presenter), Debashis, Zaeem
Dissecting GPU Memory Hierarchy through Microbenchmarking
Junda(presenter), Kenrick, Mohamed
September 26
Combining Partial Redundancy and Checkpointing for HPC
John(presenter), Jiwei, Seyed
A Scalable Double In-memory Checkpoint and Restart Scheme towards Exascale
Zaeem(presenter), Debashis, Injung
LetGo: A Lightweight Continuous Framework for HPC Applications Under Failures.
Kenrick(presenter), Junda, Mohamed
October 3
Detection and Correction of Silent Data Corruption for Large-Scale High-Performance Computing
Mohamed (presenter),Junda, Kenrick
Failure detection and propagation in HPC systems
Zaeem(presenter), Debashis, Injung
Adaptive Impact-Driven Detection of Silent Data Corruption for HPC Applications
Jiwei (presenter), Seyed, John
October 10 Fall break
October 17 Presentations of Project Proposals
October 24
Ligra: a lightweight graph processing framework for shared memory.
Debashis (presenter), Zaeem, Injung
Everything you wanted to know about multi-core graph processing but were afraid to ask
Kenrick (presenter),Junda, Mohamed
INVITED TALK 1: Dynamic Partitioning and Quantum Speedup for Computational Fluid Dynamics
INVITED TALK 2: Introduction to Quantum computing,
Professor Peyman Givi, Mechanical Engineering department
October 31
A Complete Key Recovery Timing Attack on a GPU
Seyed (presenter), Jiwei, John
RHMD: Evasion-Resilient Hardware Malware Detectors
Junda (presenter),Kenrick, Mohamed
How secure is your cache against side-channel attacks?
Injung (presenter), Zaeem, Debashis
November 7
INVITED TALK: Design Automation for Intent-based Networks
Professor Kartik Mohanram, ECE department
Gunrock: A high-performance graph processing library on the GPU
John (presenter), Jiwei, Seyed
INVITED TALK: Sustainable Systems
Professor Alex Jones, ECE department
November 14
Towards High Performance Paged Memory for GPUs
Debashis (presenter), Zaeem, Injung
Analyzing CUDA Workloads Using a Detailed GPU Simulator
Mohamed (presenter), Junda, Kenrick
Mosaic: A GPU Memory Manager with Application-Transparent Support for Multiple Page Sizes
Jiwei (presenter), Seyed, John
November 21 Projects' progress reports
November 28
HotSpot: Automated Server Hopping in Cloud Spot Markets,
John (presenter), Seyed, Jiwei
Cost Efficient Batch Processing in Amazon Cloud with Deadline Awareness
Kenrick (presenter), Junda, Mohamed
Improving the Performance of Fair Scheduler in Hadoop
Injung (presenter), Zaeem, Debashis
December 5
CC-Hunter: Uncovering Covert Timing Channels on Shared Processor Hardware
Seyed(presenter), John, Jiwei
The Linux Scheduler: a Decade of Wasted Cores
Zaeem(presenter), Debashis, Injung
Exploration of TMR Fault Masking with Persistent Threads on Tegra GPU SoCs
Junda (presenter),Kenrick, Mohamed
December 15 2:30 Kenrick and John: The Impact of Data Representation for Graph Processing on GPU's
December 17 Project reports due at midnight
Each report will be sent out to 2 internal reviewers
December 18 10:00 Junda: fault-tolerant and real-time GPU implementation of CNN traffic sign recognition
11:00 Zaeem: Smart Fault Tolerance for HPC: Partial Redundancy for Resources with Non-identical Fault Distributions
1:00 Debashsis and Mohammad: Priority Based Demand Paging and Prefetching for Time-sharing GPU Applications
2:00 Seyed and Jiwei: Data Protection on GPU against Covert Timing Attack via Random Jamming
3:00 Injung: Scalable & Fault Tolerant Hadoop in the Cloud
December 19 Internal reviews due

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