January 8 Scheduling a-periodic tasks Lecture slides
January 10 Guest lecture by Guiem Bernat from York University slides
January 15 Scheduling periodic tasks Lecture slides
January 17 a-periodic servers, resource sharing and overload handling Lecture slides Homework 1
January 22 a-periodic servers, resource sharing and overload handling
January 24 Introduction to fault tolerant systems Lecture slides
January 29 Introduction to fault tolerant systems Homework 2
January 31 FT systems and Introduction to power aware systems Lecture slides
February 5 Introduction to power aware systems
February 7 Exam
February 12 Start student presentations on RT systems.
(1) Statistical RMS, (2) Imprecise computation
February 14 (1) The (m,k) skip model, (2) Resource Allocation.
February 19 (1) Weakly hard RT systems, (2) discussion of exam.
February 21 Start Student presentations on FT.
(1) Westinghouse, Diverse Protection System, (2) discussion of projects.
February 26 (1) Multiprocessor FT, (2) FT Storage.
February 28 (1) FT communication (II), (2) Timing faults.
March 12 (1) Scheduling for fault tolerance. (2) Tradeoff between power management and fault tolerance
March 14 Start Student presentations on power management
(1) Power aware Memory Allocation (2) Power aware communication
March 19 (1) Power aware I/O (2) power-aware, fault-tolerant systems.
March 21 (1) Compiler-level power management (2) Power Aware caches
March 26 Start presentations of project proposals: AbouGhazaleh, Bakos, Rusu, Zhu, Xia, Ma, Brennfleck, Herron, Khattab.
March 28 Presentations of project proposals: Konduru, Mishra, Daita, Rastogi, Xu, Liu, Battacharjee, Narasimhan, Shankhadeep, Vaidya.
April 2 Start presentations of papers related to projects:
Bakos, Rusu, Zhu, Xia, Ma.
April 4 AbouGhazaleh, Konduru, Daita, Mishra, Rastogi.
April 9 Battacharjee, Vaidya, Narasimhan, Shankhadeep,
then eaching evaluation in last 20 minutes.
April 11 Khattab, Brennfleck, Herron, Xu, Liu.
April 16 Start project progress presentations:
Bakos, Rusu, Zhu,
Xia, Ma,
April 18 Brennfleck, Herron, Khattab.
Konduru, Daita,
Mishra, Rastogi,
April 23 Xu, Liu,
Battacharjee, Vaidya,
Shankhadeep, Narasimhan.
April 25 No class - need to schedule a 45 minutes meeting with each group to discuss and demonstrate the project.
10:30 - Bakos, Rusu and Zhu
1:45 - Xu and Liu
2:30 - AbouGhazaleh
3:15 - Xia and Ma
4:00 - Konduru and Daita
4:45 - Brennfleck, Herron, Khattab.
5:30 - Ramesh Mishra and Namrata Rastogi
6:15 - Diganta Bhattacharjee and Chirag Vaidya
7:00 - Shankhadeep and Narasimhan.
April 26 Project report due by 4:00 PM

List of presentation topics

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