August 26 Introduction
August 28 Introduction (cont.)
September 2 Parallel programming with Pthreads (see tutorial )
September 4 Homework 1
September 9 Parallel programming with OpenMP (see tutorial )
September 11 Parallel programming with MPI (see tutorial )
September 16 Hybrid programming
September 18 Introduction to UPC ( PSC page , LBNL user guide and language secifications ) Homework 2
September 23 Example Parallel algorithms
September 25 Parallel Decomposition Techniques
September 30 List scheduling and multi-directional pipelines
October 2 Introduction to map-reduce : Guest lecture by Chirs Monson (from Google) Homework 3
October 7 multi-directional pipelines and Project Discussion
October 9 Interconnection Netowrks
October 14 No classes - Fall break.
October 16 Interconnection networks
October 21 Interconnection networks
October 23 Routing schemes
October 28 Student presentations of project proposals
October 30 Student presentations (cont.) and Routing schemes (cont.)
November 4 Communication algorithms
November 6 Communication algorithms
November 11 embedding logical topologies
November 13 Cache cohenrence in Multiprocessors
November 18 Cache cohenrence
Project progress report due
November 20 Transaction memory (see for the a full tutorial )
November 25 Transaction memory
November 27 University closed
December 2 Review session
December 4 Final exams
December 9 Project demonstrations and presentations:
(Michael and Xiuyi) and (Kiyeon and Jin): 25 minutes each project
Raymond and Collin: 15 minutes each project
December 11 Project demonstrations and presentations:
(Musfiq and Ryan) and (Yinglin and Vyasa): 25 minutes each project
Hariram and Ahmed: 15 minutes each project
Final Project report due

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