August 26 Power aware systems (slides - homework) Prof. Daniel Mosse
August 28 Prof. Daniel Mosse
September 2 Analyzing Server Scheduling Algorithms (reading material) Prof. Kirk Pruhs
September 4 Prof. Kirk Pruhs
September 9 Network Security Prof. Jose Brustoloni
September 11 Prof. Jose Brustoloni
September 16 Parsing Natural Languages Prof. Rebecca Hwa
September 18 Prof. Rebecca Hwa
September 23 Spoken Dialogue Systems Prof. Diane Litman
September 25 Prof. Diane Litman
September 30 Research methods (lecture slides) Prof. Rami Melhem
October 2 Prof. Rami Melhem
October 7 Storage Management: Trends, Goals, and Myths (web page) Prof. Ahmed Amer
October 9 Prof. Ahmed Amer
October 14 Online Algorithms Prof. Patchrawat Uthaisombut
October 16 Prof. Patchrawat Uthaisombut
October 21 Data management in new environments (web page) Prof. Panos Chrysanthis
October 23 Prof. Panos Chrysanthis
October 28 Data management in new environments (web page) Prof. Alexandros Labrinidis
October 30 Prof. Alexandros Labrinidis
November 4 Emerging trends and future directions in networking research Prof. Taieb Znati
November 6 Prof. Taieb Znati
November 11 Compilers and Program Optimization for the New Millenium Prof. Markus Mock
November 13 Prof. Markus Mock
November 18 Software Dynamic Translation and Applications Prof. Bruce Childers
November 20 Prof. Bruce Childers
November 25 No class
November 27 Thanks Giving Recess
December 2 James Clause: Regression Test Selection
Jose Baiocchi: Aspect-oriented Programming
Jonathan Misurda: Instrumentation for Code Coverage Testing
Students' presentations
December 4 Elizabeth Clause: Clustering in Large Multimedia Databases
Qinglan Li: Schema Validation
Takashi Okumura: The Google Cluster Architecture
Beatriz Maeireizo: Multimodal Biometric Recognition
Students' presentations
December 9 Andrea Munteanu: Fault Tolerance in Distributed Systems
Joseph Slumber: Hypervisor-based fault-toilerance
Brian Smyth: Remote Timing attacks
Guanfeng Li: A Secure Bootsrap Architecture
Students' presentations
December 11 Saurabh Goel: Multicast-based protocols for mobility support
Dan Li: TDM Switch scheduling
David Essary: Wearable Computers
Students' presentations

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