Final Project



This page explains what we expect for the final project checkoff.  The first thing we will do is have you give us a walkthrough of your designs (CPU,cache,testbenches) and ask you a few questions about each.  This will be a significant portion of your grade.


Then we will ask to see some simulations.  We will want to see your design running Simpletest and we will check the results of those store operations at the end of the program, much like we did for your multicycle implementation.  Finally, we will want to see your CPU run the benchmark program that has been posted.


A new component has been placed into the COELib library called “memory_1502_BM06”  This is a memory module identical to what you have been using before except, the program stored in it is different.  I suggest you make a copy of your top-level design, delete your old memory from it and instantiate this new one in its place.  The main purpose of this program is to see how you handle hazards.  There are a series of loads at the end of the program that allow us to monitor the final results of the program.  This is also the program we will check to see who is the fastest.  The programs are stored on I:\1502\Benchmark_06 and at the bottom of this page, if you would like to look at them.


We suggest that you have the simulations ready to go on your screen (or multiple screens) when we come in.  Also, if anyone has a final tomorrow or anything else they need to prepare for, let us know so we can check your group off first.


C program  conv.c

Assembly  conv.s

Listing  conv.lst

Binary conv.bin