I am a fourth-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science at University of Pittsburgh, advised by Prof. Rebecca Hwa. My research interests include natural language processing, computer vision, multimodal machine learning and data mining. I primarily work towards building computational intelligence that can analyze and interpret persuasive images and text in the media, with broader interests in ambiguity clarification, bias mitigation and relation extraction.

Before joining Pitt, I obtained the M.S degree in Applied Mathematics with minor major in Data Science from École Centrale Paris and the B.S. degree in Information and Computational Science from Beihang University.



  • (2020.5 - 2020.8) Ph.D. Software Engineering Intern at Google, (Virtually at) Sunnyvale, CA
  • (2019.4 - 2019.7) Ph.D. Software Engineering Intern at Google, Mountain View, CA
  • (2018.1 - 2018.6) Research Intern at Baidu Research, Beijing, China & Sunnyvale, CA
  • (2016.9 - 2017.11) Data Scientist Intern (part-time) at Allianz France, Paris Area, France
Professional Service
  • Conference Reviewer:

  • Email: meiqi.guo@pitt.edu
  • Office: 5503 Sennott Square, 210 South Bouquet Street, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA, 15260

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