Math Related Applets / Algorithms

Karatsuba's Algorithm
This is a very good applet which explains and shows how Karatsuba's Divide and Conquer Algorithm works. The applet includes the source code for the algorithm, along with allowing the user to enter their own polynomials to see how the applet works with them. The applet also allows the user to go through step by step and see what each recursive call is doing. There is also a multimedia section where the applet will go through the whole algorithm for you.

Fast Fourier Transform
This is a very good applet which helps to show and explain how the Fast Fourier Transform works. The applet includes a description of the algorithm, a description of the Roots of Unity, a step feature which allows the user to see what is going on in the algorithm, and a multimedia section which will take the user through the entire algorithm, showing all the steps and what each fo the calls returns.

Random Number Generator
This applet shows the generation of random numbers by the computer to show that the numbers, over a period of time, are randomly created. Also allows user to see the creation in 2-D and 3-D.

GCD Applet One
This applet only tells the user what the GCD of two numbers is. No animation or anything, just the answer

GCD Applet Two
This applet also gets the GCD for the user, but goes through the steps involved in doing so and even shows the user what the values of different variables are as the algorithm runs.

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