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Using Java Applets, this site hopes to broaden the understanding of some of the common algorithms that are used throughout computer science, especially those found through the use of C++.  Algorithms found here include sorting algorithms, searching algorithms, polynomial multiplication and much, much more.  All you need to do is click on the algorithm you wish to view from the list below.

The following are the links to choose from:

Sorting Applets - These are applets like the Quick Sort, Insertion Sort, Bubble Sort and many other sorting algorithms. Many applets are contained in here and help to further show and explain the sorting methods used in C++ and in all of Computer Science

Math Applets - These applets include FFT, Karatsubas, GCD and others which show polynomial nultiplication or other numerical ideas, such as random numbers. Several nice applets exist here to help explain some of the tougher algorithms in C++

Searching Applets - This group of Applets includes String Searching, Tree Searching and others which focus on searching through a set of values to find the desired item. Again, good applets which show step by step how to do the algorithms

QHCE Applets - This is the applets showing (Priority)Queues, Huffman, Compression and Encoding algorithms used in C++. Some very interesting applets are contained in this group

Graph Applets - These include Bi-Connected Components and Network Flow Algorithms which pertain mainly to graphs and how to navigate through a set of points or how to distribute flow in a graph. Good Applets in here.

NP Problems Applets - This group of applets try to show how to go about working on NP Problems such as the Traveling Salesman Problem.

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