Sixth Workshop on:
Models and Algorithms for Planning and Scheduling Problems
Aussois 30.III-4.IV.2003


The workshop MAPSP takes place every two years in a different country (Lago di Como, Italy in 1993; Wernigerode, Germany in 1995; Cambridge, England in 1997; Renesse, Holland in 1999; Aussois, France in 2001). It aims at providing a forum for scientific exchanges and cooperation in the field of planning, scheduling and related areas.

The workshop will be open for up to 150 participants. Topics will include both theoretical results - such as polynomial algorithms,complexity results, approximation schemes, branch and bound methods, heuristics - and practical ones. Industrial applications are also welcome.
Conference fee is 150 Euros (120 Euros for students).
A special issue of the Journal of Scheduling is planned for carefully refereed papers submitted by conference participants.

Invited speakers

There will be a single stream of presentations (20 and 5 minutes) and some breaks to encourage discussions and a collaboration. Six speakers are invited to give one-hour plenary talks:

  • J. Carlier, Universite de Technologie de Compiegne, France 
  • E.G. Coffman, Jr., Columbia University, USA 
  • G. Finke, Universite de Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France 
  • C. Potts, University of Southampton, UK 
  • A. Schulz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA 
  • G. Woeginger, University of Twente, The Netherlands

Program Committee

  • J. Blazewicz (Co-chair) Poznan University of Technology
  • P. Brucker University of Osnabrueck
  • E. Burke University of Nottingham
  • Ph. Chretienne University Pierre et Marrie Curie Paris
  • A. Darte CNRS, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon
  • M. Drozdowski Poznan University of Technology
  • K. Ecker Technical University Clausthal
  • J. Jozefowska Poznan University of Technology
  • J. K. Lenstra Eidhoven University of Technology
  • R. Moehring Berlin University of Technology
  • K. Pruhs University of Pittsburgh
  • J. Sgall Academy of Sciences of the Chech Republic
  • D. Shmoys Cornell University
  • V. Strusevich The University of Greenwich
  • D. Trystram ID - IMAG, Grenoble
  • J. Weglarz (Co-chair) Poznan University of Technology

Organizing Committee

  • J. Blazewicz - Poznan University of Technology
  • N. Brauner - Laboratoire Leibniz - IMAG, Grenoble
  • M. Drozdowski - Poznan University of Technology
  • G. Pawlak - Poznan University of Technology
  • B. Penz - Laboratoire GILCO Grenoble
  • Ch. Rapine - Laboratoire GILCO Grenoble
  • M. Sterna - Poznan University of Technology
  • D. Trystram (Chair) - ID - IMAG, Grenoble


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Accommodation and meals will take place at the Paul Langevin center belonging to the CNRS (the French National Research Foundation). Information about the Paul Langevin center are available on its web site

The costs of accommodation in a double room and all meals is 58 Euros per day. The additional 9 Euros per day has to be paid for a single room. The accommodation costs should be paid at the workshop site, in cash or by credit card.

Participants are expected to arrive on Sunday afternoon. The workshop will start on Monday (March 31, 2003) and will end after lunch on Friday (April 4, 2003).

Instructions for participants

Persons interested to participate should fill a registration form on the web site of the conference at and send a 2 page abstract via e-mail to the address: Please follow the instructions for the preparation given at pattern: .DOC or .RTF. The deadline for the submission is September 30, 2002.

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