CS 0449 (2187)

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My Information

Name:Jonathan Misurda
Office:6203 Sennott Square
Phone:(412) 624-8408
Office Hours: Tue, Thu: 1:00pm–2:30pm


You can find a copy of the syllabus here.


Text, Slides, and Extra Materials

Topic Slides (PDF) Links
Binary Formats and Linking Slides 20 part blog entry on linking (PDF)
x86 Assembly Slides AT&T Syntax
Function Calls and Calling Convention Slides 1
Slides 2
CS 447 Appendix A
Processes and Memory Management Slides Linux Address Space Layout
Conditional Compilation
Makefiles and Multi-file Development
Slides Chapter 18 in the C Textbook
Chapter 10 in the C Textbook

Midterm 2

Topic Slides (PDF) Links
System Calls & Signals Slides (PDF) Signals
Device Drivers under Linux Slides (PDF) LDD Chapter 1 (PDF)
LDD Chapter 2 (PDF)
Threads Slides (PDF)  
pthreads Slides (PDF) More on pthreads
ALP chapter on pthreads (PDF)
Synchronization Slides (PDF) Handout (PDF)



Reference Miscellaneous