Algorithm Implementations, CS1501
Fall 2018, University of Pittsburgh / TA Website (For sections by Jeongmin Lee)
Recitation Schedule
Week 1
Knapsack Algorithm and Dynamic Programming
Material: [Slides]
Week 2
Explain Project 1
Material: [Slides]
Week 3
Quick Sort Examples
Material: [Slides]
Week 4
Two-Three Tree (extension of Binary Search Tree)
Material: [Video]
Week 5
Merge Sort time complexity proof, deletion of hash table with linear probing, and universal hashing assumption
Material: [Slide]
Week 6
Project 2 Description : Anagrams with Hash Table
Material: [Slide]
Week 7
Midtern Q&A (By grading TA)
Week 8
Directed Graph and Topological Sort
Material: [Slide]
Week 9
Project 4 Description: Traveling Salesman Problem
Material: [Slide]

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