Debashis Ganguly

Ph.D. Student

Department of Computer Science
School of Computing and Information
University of Pittsburgh
 Sennott Square, Office 5412
  210 S. Bouquet St.
  Pittsburgh, PA 15260
 (404) 834-5386

I am currently being advised by Dr. Rami Melhem and co-advised by Dr. Jun Yang.

My research interests are, broadly, computer architecture, heterogeneous systems, distributed computing, operating systems, and run-times.

My current research is focused on developing software-hardware co-operative solutions to mitigate performance variability in consolidated heterogeneous systems, including commodity cloud infrastructures and exascale systems.

However, I am interested in studying many of the system-wide challenges, like QoS resiliency, fault-tolerance, encountered when building software for large-scale distributed systems.

Curriculum Vitae


Recent Publications

Conference Publications
pdf ppt Debashis Ganguly, Ziyu Zhang, Jun Yang, Rami Melhem, Interplay between Hardware Prefetcher and Page Eviction Policy in CPU-GPU Unified Virtual Memory, The 46th International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA) [TO APPEAR]
pdf ppt Debashis Ganguly, Mohammad H. Mofrad, Taieb Znati, Rami Melhem, John R. Lange, Harvesting Underutilized Resources to Improve Responsiveness and Tolerance to Crash and Silent Faults for Data-intensive Applications, In Cloud Computing (CLOUD) [Applications Track], 2017 IEEE 10th International Conference on (pp. 536-543). IEEE.
pdf ppt Debashis Ganguly, Mohammad H. Mofrad, Adriana Kovashka, Detecting Sexually Provocative Images, In Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2017 IEEE Winter Conference on (pp. 660-668). IEEE.

Workshop Papers
pdf ppt Debashis Ganguly, John R. Lange, The Effect of Asymmetric Performance on Asynchronous Task Based Runtimes, In Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Runtime and Operating Systems for Supercomputers ROSS 2017 (p. 8). ACM.
pdf Debashis Ganguly, William Garrison, David Wilkinson, Bruce Childers, Adam Lee, Daniel Mosse, Demo: Composing, Reproducing, and Sharing Simulations, 4th Workshop on Sustainable Software for Science: Practice and Experiences (WSSSPE4).
ppt Debashis Ganguly, William Garrison, David Wilkinson, Bruce Childers, Adam Lee, Daniel Mosse, Composing, Reproducing, and Sharing Simulations, Workshop on Modeling & Simulation of Systems and Applications (ModSim).

Book Publication

Network and Application Security: Fundamentals and Practices; ISBN 978-1-57808-755-6; Science Publishers, Enfield, New Hampshire and CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group

Undergraduate Publications