I am a Fourth year PhD. student with the Department of Computer Science at the University of Pittsburgh. Before coming to Pitt, I recieved my Bachelors of Arts from Washington & Jefferson College in Information Technology Leadership (now CIS) and Mathematics.


Refereed Conference Publications


CIS 380: Mobile Application Design and Development

Spring 2016 - Washington & Jefferson College

Mobile Application Design and Development provides students with the opportunity to develop applications for mobile devices including cell phones and tablet computers. Specifically, students will study the interface design and programming development of mobile apps. In this course students will learn how to develop applications that will run on any mobile device, regardless of OS platform.

CIS 297: Programming in JavaScript

Fall 2015 - Washington & Jefferson College

This course offers an introduction to the JavaScript web programming language. Students should expect to learn about JavaScript and its use in modern web applications including best practices, using and creating libraries, problem solving, and introducing popular applications and uses

CS 1699: Fundamentals of Data Science (Special Topics)

Spring 2015 - (TA) University of Pittsburgh

This special topics course aims to expose students to different data management, data manipulation, and data analysis techniques. The class will cover all the major data management paradigms (Relational/SQL, XML/XQuery, RDF/SPARQL) including NoSQL and Data Stream Processing approaches. Going beyond traditional data management techniques, the class will expose students to information retrieval, data mining, data warehousing, network analysis, and other data analysis topics. Time-permitting, the class will include Big Data processing techniques, such as the map/reduce framework.

CS 1655: Secure Data Management and Web Applications

Fall 2014 - (TA) University of Pittsburgh

This course is the second data management course in the CS Department. As such, it has the following main objectives. First, to study topics that go beyond the traditional relational database management system framework, such as information retrieval, data mining, and data warehousing. Second, to study security-related issues as they arise in web-database environments. Third, to expose students to advanced database applications and also to related data/information management and analysis technologies, while gaining hands-on experience.

CS 1520: Programming Languages for Web Application

Fall 2012 - (TA) University of Pittsburgh

Various programming paradigms will be studied using Java and scripting languages. The use of Java in programming web based applications, network applications, and the use of the extensive Java libraries will be studied. The programming paradigm of building software by gluing components will be explored through the use of scripting languages such as Perl and JavaScript. Applications include developing GUIs and internet programming.

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