General Information

Teaching Assistant: Keren Ye

Office: 5404 Sennott Square

Recitations: Friday 10-10:50am, Friday 12-12:50pm

Office Hour: Thursday 1-2:30pm, Friday 1-2:30pm



04/16/2018 - Quiz 3 key is uploaded. Quiz 3 key is uploaded. You can get back your quiz by appointment.
03/30/2018 - For the morning class of CS 1501 recitation, please check the latest "Eager Prim" slides, I add a detailed example.
01/19/2018 - Project 0 has been posted.


Date Topic Slides Slides' Authors Other Useful Resources
01/19/2018 An Introduction to Version Control Systems with Git Git Tutorial Dr. Farnan
01/26/2018 LSD String Sort, Counting Sort LSD String Sort Keren Ye
02/02/2018 Quiz 1, DLB Keren Ye
02/09/2018 Quiz_1 key Quiz_1 key
02/16/2018 Midterm
02/23/2018 KMP KMP Keren Ye
03/02/2018 IndexMinPQ IndexMinPQ Keren Ye
03/16/2018 Articulation Points Articulation Points Keren Ye
03/23/2018 Quiz 2
03/30/2018 Quiz_2 key, MST, Dijkstra's SP Quiz_2 key Eager Prim, Dijkstra Keren Ye
04/06/2018 Extended Euclidean Extended Euclidean Chris Thomas
04/13/2018 Quiz 3 Quiz_3 key