General Information

Teaching Assistant: Keren Ye

Office: 5501 Sennott Square

Recitations: Friday 10:00~10:50am, Friday 3:00~3:50pm

Office Hour: Wednesday 1:00~4:00pm, Friday 12:00~3:00pm



04/18/2016 - Scores for assignment 3-5 will be published in the next weeks. Please feel free to contact me.
Please do the teaching survey for me, thanks.

03/15/2016 - Grading for Homework1 is finished. Please contact me if you did not receive your scores via email. The average is 69.0, and the median is 77. If you did not get your quiz1 scores, please come to my office to get it back.
Samples of my_dictionary.txt and good_passwords.txt are uploaded.
Solution (, is uploaded.

03/04/2016 - No recitation today.

02/26/2016 - Quiz1 key is uploaded, check the file to see the correct answer for the quiz.
KMP notes and slides for Boyer-Moore, Rabin-Karp are uploaded. Although I did not discuss about Boyer-Moore and Rabin-Karp algorithm, you should understand how these algorithms works.
B-Tree notes are uploaded. Make sure you know how to add nodes to B-Tree and how to delete nodes from B-Tree. For preparing the midterm exam, at least make sure you can solve all the problems in quiz1.

02/08/2016 - For assignment 1, I uploaded a piece of pseudo codes for enumerating good passwords efficiently.
There are two pruning strategies:
1) pruning using the malformed-substring trie;
2) pruning using the frequencies of chars, digits, and symbols.
Please come to my office hour if you still have questions.

01/15/2016 - I am sorry about unclear clarification in the 10:00-10:50am recitation.
For my students, you should visit assignment 0 in order to enroll in the CS1501 classroom in GitHub.
Assignment-0 will be provided to you automatically.


Date Topic Resources Slides Provided by
01/15/2016 An Introduction to Version Control Systems with Git git tutorial Dr. Farnan
01/22/2016 Radix Sort radix sort, counting sort Keren Ye
01/29/2016 Search: R-Way Trie, De la Briandias Trie Trie Phuong Pham
02/05/2016 Compression: Huffman Coding Huffman Coding Yubo Feng
02/12/2016 Compression: LZW LZW Amin Sobhani
02/19/2016 Quiz    
02/26/2016 Quiz1 key, BTree, String Pattern Matching quiz1 key
KMP notes
Boyer-Moore, Rabin-Karp
Keren Ye
03/04/2016 Midterm    
03/11/2016 Spring Break    
03/18/2016 Computer Science Day    
03/25/2016 Prim's MST, Dijkstra's SP Prim's MST, Dijkstra's SP Ayush Mishra
04/01/2016 RSA Encryption/Decryption, Digital Signature RSA Encryption/Decryption, Digital Signature Chris Thomas
04/08/2016 Quiz    
04/15/2016 Quiz2 key, Kruscal's MST, Max-Flow quiz2 key
Kruscal's MST, MaxFlow
MaxFlow, MinCut
Phuong Pham, Keren Ye
04/22/2016 Dynamic Programming Dynamic Programming
Keren Ye