General Information

Teaching Assistant: Keren Ye

Office: 5501 Sennott Square

Recitations: Wednesday 9:00~9:50am

Office Hour: Wednesday 9:50~11:15am, Friday 10:00~11:35am



12/05/2017 - No recitation on 12/06/2017 morning.
12/01/2017 - quiz3 key is uploaded.
11/15/2017 - quiz2 key is uploaded.
09/27/2017 - To achieve the prefix free coding, the trie we discussed associates no character to the internal nodes. Only leaf nodes are associated with codes and characters. I shall finish grading your project 0, project 1, and quiz 1 this week.
09/20/2017 - I have uploaded the example I shown in the recitation. For project 1, you still need to implement DLB version 'keysWithPrefix'. You could find R-way counterpart implementation in your textbook Page. 738.
09/13/2017 - I have checked that the example in the LSD slide is correct. At the first step of counting sort, count[d] stores the frequency of d - 1. Sorry for confusing you.
09/12/2017 - Project 1 has been posted.
09/12/2017 - Project 0 has been posted.


Date Topic Slides Slides' Authors Other Useful Resources
09/06/2017 An Introduction to Version Control Systems with Git Git Tutorial Dr. Farnan git/github guide by Karl Broman
09/13/2017 LSD String Sort, Counting Sort LSD String Sort Keren Ye Example: example.txt
09/20/2017 Quiz 1, Project 1 Example:
09/27/2017 Huffman Compression Huffman Compression Keren Ye Example: algs4.jar
10/04/2017 KMP KMP Keren Ye Example:
10/11/2017 IndexMinPQ IndexMinPQ Keren Ye Example:
10/18/2017 Midterm
10/25/2017 Articulation Points Articulation Points Keren Ye Example:
11/01/2017 Quiz 2, Prim's MST, Dijkstra's SP Eager Prim, Dijkstra Keren Ye Example:
11/08/2017 MaxFlow: Fold-Fulkerson Ford-Fulkerson Keren Ye Example:
11/15/2017 Extended Euclidean Extended Euclidean
11/29/2017 Quiz 3