General Information

Teaching Assistant: Xiaozhong Zhang

Office: 5802 Sennott Square

Recitations: Friday 1:00~1:50pm, 2:00~2:50pm

Office Hour: Wednesday 2:30~5:00pm, Thursday 2:30~5:00pm

Email: xiaozhong AT pitt DOT edu


Date Topic Resources Provided by
09/09/2016 An Introduction to Version Control Systems with Git git tutorial Dr. Farnan
09/16/2016 Search: R-Way Trie, De la Briandias Trie Trie Phuong Pham
09/23/2016 B-Tree, B+Tree, Huffman coding BTree me
09/30/2016 Quiz 1 solution Dr. Lipschultz
10/07/2016 Prim's MST, Find articulation points Prim's MST me
10/14/2016 Open Session
10/21/2016 Open Session
10/28/2016 Max flow, Min cut Maxflow Phuong Pham
11/04/2016 Karatsuba, Master theorem Karatsuba me
11/11/2016 Quiz 2 solution Dr. Farnan
11/18/2016 Prove NP-Completeness NP me
11/25/2016 Thanksgiving
12/02/2016 Dynamic Programming DP Dr. Farnan
12/09/2016 Final Review 2 Final Dr. Farnan