CS2710: Fall 2015


This schedule is subject to change.

Day Date Topics, Slides, Code Readings Assignment and Exam info
1 9/01 Introduction: intro.ppt R&N Chapters 1 & 2
2 9/03 State-Space Search


R&N Chapter 3.1-3.4 selfExercisesSearch.pdf: some exercises to answer on your own.

Solutions to the exercises.
3 9/08 State-Space Search

R&N Chapter 3.5
4 9/10 State-Space Search R&N Chapter 3.6
5 9/15 State-Space Search
9/17 No Class
6 9/22 Adversarial Search


R&N Chapter 5.1-5.3
7 9/24 Local Search and Optimization.


8queens.eps (Figure 4.6)
8queenspicture.eps (Figure 4.7)
R&N Chapter 4.1 Assignment 1 due
The assignment is available here.
8 9/29 Constraint Satisfaction


R&N Chapter 6.1-6.4 (except 6.3.3)
9 10/01 Constraint Satisfaction
10 10/06 KR and Reasoning


R&N Chapters 7 and 8
11 10/08 KR and Reasoning

12 10/13 KR and Reasoning


Conversion to clausal form examples

(more clausal form egs; for reference; not required)

Resolution example
R&N Chapter 9 Assignment 2 due. The assignment is available here (on Luca's website). Please see the TA's course website for more information.

13 10/15 KR and Reasoning

14 10/22
Go over assignments
Practice KR problems

Assignment 3 is due at the beginning of class. The assignment is available here.
Solutions were handed out in class 10/22 (today). If you need to get one, Keena has the extra copies.

Also, Keena has copies of the full discussion I covered for the last question.

The full solution (including the discussion) will be posted to courseweb on Sunday.
15 10/27 Midterm

filesBeforeMidterm.zip: Zip of the files on the lecture notes up to this point

The midterm exam will cover the material covered in lecture through 10/22 and assignments 1-3. The wrapup slides in the lecture notes identify the specific sections of the text you are responsible for. See the syllabus for a description of the types of questions.
16 10/29
Comparing backward chaining with resolution

Semi-decidability; thanks to Charles Elkan

From KR to Planning: the Situation Calculus (we may not have time to cover this this semester)

sitcalc.ppt We only covered some of these notes.

Section 7.7 through 7.7.2; Section 10.4.2; Section 12.5.1
17 11/03


classicalPlanning.pdf: Planning intro slides

partialOrderPlanning.pdf: Partial Order Planning slides

Results of (propositionalized) Partial-Order Planning using Astar search, where the h-value is the number of open conditions + the number of threats not yet resolved.

Please don't print these.
Chapter 10 through 10.3 (though read the rest of Chapter 10 for your interest)
18 11/05 Partial Order Planning
19 11/10 Planning Graphs


graphplan handout. I will bring copies of the handout, so there is no reason to print
20 11/12 Planning Graphs
21 11/17 Class is cancelled, due to doctor's orders. Hopefully, I'll see you on Thursday.


lecch13.ppt: Slides for Chapter 13 (modified version of Hwee Tou Ng's slides on the AMIA website)
R&N Chapter 13
22 11/19 Uncertainty
23 11/24 Bayesian Belief Networks

bayesNetsPart1.pdf: Dr. Hauskrecht's Notes, Chapter 14, Part 1

chapter14part2.ppt: Second set of slides for Chapter 14
R&N: 14.1-2 Assignment 4 due.

The assignment writeup is here.

The assignment code is here

NOTE: a student found a couple of problems. An updated version is on Luca's website here: on Luca's website here
11/26 No Class
24 12/01 Bayesian Belief Networks


chapter14part3.pdf Third set of slides for Chapter 14. Don't print these slides; they are animations. Extracted from Dr. Hauskrecht's notes (our thanks to him for formatting the animations). Most of this lecture will be one the board.
R&N: 14.5.1; plus, we will cover some ideas from 14.4.
25 12/03 Learning

learning.ppt: Learning


R&N: Chapter 18 through 18.3.5
26 12/08
27 12/10 Review Assigment 5 is due at the beginning of class.
Final Exam 12/15 Final Exam
12/17 No class No class