CS2710: Fall 2013


This schedule will be filled out as the course progresses.

Day Date Topics, Slides, Code Readings Assignment and Exam info
1 8/26 Introduction: intro.ppt R&N Chapters 1 & 2
2 8/28 State-Space Search chapter3part1.ppt R&N Chapter 3.1-3.4
9/2 No Class
3 9/4 State-Space Search chapter3part2.ppt R&N Chapter 3.5
4 9/9 State-Space Search R&N Chapter 3.6
5 9/11 State-Space Search
6 9/16 Local Search and Optimization.
R&N Chapter 4.1
7 9/18 Adversarial Search
the alpha-beta pruning mini-max algorithm
R&N Chapter 5.1-5.3 Assignment 1 due. The assignment is available here.
8 9/23 Constraint Satisfaction Problems slides
R&N Chapter 6.1-6.4 (except 6.3.3)
9 9/25 Constraint Satisfaction (cont)
10 9/30 KR and Reasoning
R&N Chapters 7 and 8
11 10/2 KR and Reasoning
12 10/7 KR and Reasoning


Conversion to clausal form examples

(more clausal form egs; for reference; not required)

Resolution example

Semi-decidability; thanks to Charles Elkan

Comparing backward chaining with resolution

R&N Chapter 9 Assignment 2 due
The assignment is available here.
13 10/9 Continued
14 TUES 10/15 Continued

Chapter 12 Slides

15 10/16 Continued;

Midterm information

Practice logic example covered in class

Assignment 3 due at the beginning of class. This deadline will be strictly enforced because we will go over the solution during class. Late assignments will not be accepted unless there are (documented) exceptional circumstances.

Assignment 3 is available here.
16 10/21 Midterm Exam
17 10/23 From KR to Planning: the Situation Calculus sitcalc.ppt Section 7.7 through 7.7.2; Section 10.4.2; Section 12.5.1
18 10/28
FYI: http://www.icaps-conference.org/
classicalPlanning.pdf: Planning intro slides


Results of (propositionalized) Partial-Order Planning using Astar search, where the h-value is the number of open conditions + the number of threats not yet resolved.

Please don't print these.

Chapter 10 through 10.3 (though read the rest of Chapter 10 for your interest)
19 10/30 Continued. Assignment 4 due
The assignment is available here.
Please name the file with your last name followed by your first name and "assign4". Upload your submission to AFS (../public/incoming/CS2710). In case of any issues, you can email your submission directly to TA. The assignment is due by 11pm on the due date.
20 11/4 Go over midterm.

ambitegraphplan.pdf: Planning Graphs and Graphplan by Jos'e Luis Ambite. We are covering pages 1-27 of these notes.

If we have time: Figure 10.10

21 11/6 Continued
22 11/11 Uncertainty lecch13.ppt: Slides for Chapter 13 (modified version of Hwee Tou Ng's slides on the AMIA website) R&N Chapter 13
23 11/13 No Class No Class No Class
24 11/18 Bayesian Belief Networks
bayesNetsPart1.pdf: Dr. Hauskrecht's Notes for Chapter 14, Part 1
chapter14part2.ppt: Second set of slides for Chapter 14
R&N: 14.1-2 Assignment 5 due
Assignment writeup.
25 11/20 samplingAlgs.txt
chapter14part3.pdf Third set of slides for Chapter 14. Don't print these slides; they are animations. Extracted from Dr. Hauskrecht's notes (our thanks to him for formatting the animations). Most of this lecture will be one the board.
R&N: 14.5.1; plus, we will cover some ideas from 14.4.
26 11/25 learning.ppt: Learning

entropy.py.txt remove the "txt" to run it

R&N: Chapter 18 through 18.3.5
11/27 No Class No Class No Class
27 12/2
28 12/4 Go over assignments 4 and 6; review.
KR Scheme Example
Assignment 6 due at the beginning of class. The assignment is available here.
Review Session/Office Hours 12/9 I will be in the classroom during our normal class period to answer questions and review materical as requested. Final Exam
Finals Week 12/11 The final exam will be during our regular class meeting. Final Exam