Tonya R. Groover


As of July, 2009, I joined Pittsburgh Public School District as a faculty member at the Pittsburgh Science & Technology Academy. I am the Computers & Connection (Computer Science) Instructional Teacher Leader (ITL). In 2009-10 I will not teach any computing classes, instead I will spend the full year working on curriculum development, leading an Advisory period and facilitating activities for students.Read my short bio at the school's website.


I'm a Masters degree student at the University of Pittsburgh in the Computer Science Department. My research interests are in computer science education & pedagogy, intelligent tutoring systems and natural language tutorial dialogue systems. My previous advisor was Kurt Vanlehn, who is now at Arizona State University. While with Kurt, I worked on an NSF project - Tutoring Scientific Explanations via Natural Language Dialogue. My current advisor is Alexandros Labrinidis.


In 2006, I founded a pre-college program in the Computer Science Department at the University of Pittsburgh - Technology Leadership Initiative. The goal of this program is to create and sustain a "pipeline" of African American students in the computer sciences.

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