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            My name is Roxana Gheorghiu, I am a PhD student in Computer Science Department since august 2006.

            Currently I am part of the Advanced Data Management Group working with Prof. Panos Chrysanthis and Alexandros Labrinidis.

Current Project:

Annotation Webservice for astronomers that allows uses to make annotations on celestial objects, sets of objects or other annotations. The service takes into account users preferences for a more tailored search result

Past Projects:

AQSIOS -Data Streams : I enhanced the parser of AQSIOS to support a DROP operator for load shedding
XTutor : an Intelligent Tutor System based on Excel
Tutoring Scientific Explanations via Natural Language Dialogue : I worked on creating the dialogues used to help students solve physics problems


    May 15 -Aug 24: Bosch Research and Technology center

Previous work:

        I joined the department of Computer Science in May 2006 as a Graduate Student Researcher working with Prof. Kurt VanLehn

        May 2006 -Aug 2008: I worked in the ITS group at the University of Pittsburgh under Prof. Kurt VanLehn’s supervision. Out project was an Intelligent Tutoring System for Physics, based on Excel

         May 2006 -Aug 2008 : PSLC group member

Publications and Presentations:

  1. *Roxana Gheorghiu, Alexandros Labrinidis, Panos K. Chrysanthis: “Database Preferences -A Unified Model”, PersDB 2012

  2. *Panayiotis Neophytou, Roxana Gheorghiu,Rebecca Hachey, Timothy Luciani, DI Bao, Alexandros Labrinidis, G. Elisabeta Marai, Panos K. Chrysanthis: “ AstroShelf: Understanding the Universe Through Scalable Navigation of a Galaxy of Annotations”, Sigmod 2012 proceedings, pages 1--4

  3. *Roxana Gheorghiu, Kurt VanLehn: “XTutor: An Intelligent Tutor System for Science and Math Based on Excel”, in ITS 2008 proceedings, Springer Berlin, volume 5019/2008, pages 749--751

  4. * Feb 8-10, 2008 : Inter-Science of Learning Center (iSLC 2008), Pittsburgh, PA -poster presentations

  5. *March 2008 : GradExpo -poster presentation

  6. *June 23 -27, 2008 : Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS 2008), Montreal, Canada -poster presentation

  7. *Different presentations at the seminar of ADMT lab:


Contact Information:

Email :                    roxana at cs dot pitt dot edu

Office Address:     room 6414 , Sennott Square Bldg,

                                Computer Science Department

                                University of Pittsburgh

                                210 South Bouquet St

                                Pittsburgh, Pa 15260

Mailbox:                  336, Sennott Square Building,

                                 6th Floor

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