CS 1538 Announcements Fall 2009 (210-1)

These announcements will be updated frequently. You are advised to check this page often.



December 10, 2009

As I mentioned in lecture today, the FINAL EXAM WILL BE:

Monday, December 15, 2009 from 2:00-3:50PM in the regular classroom

The time listed on the course information previously was off by an hour (it has been corrected).


October 13, 2009


Due to a meeting that I must attend, I need to MOVE my OFFICE HOURS for Wednesday, October 14, 2009.


Normal hours (CANCELED): 11AM-1PM

New Hours: 2PM-4PM


September 30, 2009


If you are having some trouble with the programming in Assignment 1, the GrocerySimB.java handout that I just put online may be of some help. Note that it uses exponential distributions, has an FEL with floating point values, and derives some results that may be of interest to you. See the Handouts page.


September 14, 2009


         The Women in Computer Science (WiCS) group is having an Ice Cream Social tomorrow, Tuesday September 15 at 1PM in SENSQ 6329. If you are female and interested in CS (even if you are not sure yet) please stop by and meet some others who may share your interests.

         Due to a meeting that I must attend, I must CANCEL my OFFICE HOURS for Tuesday, September 15, 2009. Please email me if you have a simple question or see me during other office hours (including appointments) for more substantial issues.


September 4, 2009


         The CS Department annual Welcome Party for CS students will be next Wednesday, September 9 from 11:45AM-1PM in SENSQ 5319. This event is open to any student INTERESTED in CS as a major (i.e. you do NOT have to be a declared major to attend). Pizza will be served and some department information will be provided. If you are even considering majoring in CS, please stop by, have some pizza and find out more!


August 25, 2009

Welcome to CS1538 for the Fall 2009 (210-1) term.

If you want to get a head start on the material, start reading the first 3 chapters of the Banks text (Discrete-Event System Simulation, Fifth Edition).

Please carefully note the prerequisites for this course: CS 0447 (implying also completion of CS 0445) and a Statistics course. There will be some programming assignments (primarily in Java) and some "pencil and paper" assignments given throughout the term. A reasonable knowledge of probability and statistics is essential for success in this course (although you do NOT have to be a statistics wizard a good introduction should suffice).