About me:

  • Research Interest:
  • Big data management, time series analysis, reproducable research, database management systems, data stream management systems, distributed systems, cloud computing, high performance computing (HPC), reliability, computer and information security.

  • Professionally:
  • Currently, I am a PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh, Department of Computer science. It all started by getting a BS in Computer Science from King Saud University. After that, I pursued a MS degree in Information Science, with a concentration in Networking and Security. I earned the degree from PITT. On the career side, I worked as a software engineer at AECL for a year, and as a lecturer at King Saud University, CS department for a year as well.

  • Personally:
  • Squash is my life, and everything else comes after. I like political discussions, reading analytical writings (non-fiction), philosophy, and literature. I do dream in both Arabic and English. I do write articles, and sometimes poems. I like travelling and discovering new things, especially, cultures, ideas, and languages!