Naveen Kumar

Department of Computer Science
University of Pittsburgh
6404 Sennott Square
Phone : +1 (412) 624-9129
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I am now graduated and currently work at VMware Inc., in Palo Alto, CA. I will maintain a new website at this new location. The rest of this page is antiquated.

I am a graduate student currently pursuing my PhD. My dissertation focuses on source-level debugging of dynamically translated programs. This includes debugging programs that have been modified at run-time for purposes such as, dynamic optimization, dynamic instrumentation, binary translation and software security, among others. My research interests include run-time program modification for optimization, testing and analysis. This involves building tools for programmers that help them write and debug safer, reliable and efficient programs.

I work in the COPA group at the Department of Computer Science. I am involved in the continuous compilation (CoCo) project group in which I am currently investigating techniques to debug programs that are modified as they run. I have developed a debugger, called tdb, which allows source-level debugging of dynamically translated programs. Tdb is based on the gnu debugger gdb. I am also  involved in the ongoing development and maintenance of Strata [pdf] run-time infrastructure at the University of Pittsburgh. Strata is an infrastructure for developing software dynamic translators, and was developed by researchers at University of Virginia and University of Pittsburgh.


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