m o s s e ' s
w e b p a g e
t e a c h i n g

undergrad intro to os (cs1550)
graduate os (cs2510)

IOT systems seminar (cs3720)
senior-level os course (cs1651)

older courses:

introduction to computer programming (cs0007)
distributed and real-time systems seminar (cs3530)

programming and system design using a mobile robot (cs1567)

Research Topics in Computer Science (cs2001)

advance topics in operating systems seminar (cs3510)

social implications of computing technology (cs1590)

Fellowships and Scholarships
PhD students (current) 
Nevine AbouGhazaleh(predicted 07): Multi-layer Interactions for Power Management
Alexandre Ferreira (predicted 09): Thermal Management and Memory Systems
 Sameh Gobriel(predicted 07): Power Management in Wireless Networks
Sherif Khattab(predicted 08): Mitigating Denial of Service Attacks
PhD students (past) 

Takashi Okumura (07): Virtualization of Network I/O
Cosmin Rusu (06): Reward and Power Management in Real-time Systems
Dakai Zhu(05): Multiprocessor Slack Management
Hakan Aydin (01): Reward-Based Real-Time Scheduling
Sylvain Lauzac (00): Multiprocessor Fault-Tolerant Real-Time
Libin Dong (00): Scheduling with Distance Constraints
Sridhar Komandur (99): ATM Multicasting
Fahad Hoymany (97): ATM and Connectionless Servers
Yeong-Jia Chen (96): Specification of FT RT using Petri-Nets
Sunondo Ghosh (96): Primary/Backup Fault-tolerant Real-Time Systems