m o s s e ' s
w e b p a g e
t e a c h i n g

introduction to computer programming (cs0007)
distributed and real-time systems seminar (cs3530)

programming and system design using a mobile robot (cs1567)

Research Topics in Computer Science (cs2001)

undergrad intro to os (cs1550)

advance topics in operating systems seminar (cs3510)
graduate os (cs2510)

senior-level os course (cs1651)

social implications of computing technology (cs1590)

Fellowships and Scholarships
PhD students (current) 
Nevine AbouGhazaleh(predicted 07): Multi-layer Interactions for Power Management
Alexandre Ferreira (predicted 09): Thermal Management and Memory Systems
 Sameh Gobriel(predicted 07): Power Management in Wireless Networks
Sherif Khattab(predicted 08): Mitigating Denial of Service Attacks
PhD students (past) 

Takashi Okumura (07): Virtualization of Network I/O
Cosmin Rusu (06): Reward and Power Management in Real-time Systems
Dakai Zhu(05): Multiprocessor Slack Management
Hakan Aydin (01): Reward-Based Real-Time Scheduling
Sylvain Lauzac (00): Multiprocessor Fault-Tolerant Real-Time
Libin Dong (00): Scheduling with Distance Constraints
Sridhar Komandur (99): ATM Multicasting
Fahad Hoymany (97): ATM and Connectionless Servers
Yeong-Jia Chen (96): Specification of FT RT using Petri-Nets
Sunondo Ghosh (96): Primary/Backup Fault-tolerant Real-Time Systems