m o s s e ' s 
 w e b p a g e 
r e s e a r c h

 research projects 

PARTS (2000-now)
Power-Aware Real-Time Scheduling

PCM@Pitt (2010-now)
Controlling Power in Memory Systems

older research projects, not active at this time

Secure-CITI (2003-now)
Emergency and Disaster Management

netnice (1999-now)
Network Traffic Control

Network Security (2001-now)
Denial of Service

RTES (2002-2006)
Real-Time Embedded Systems

FORTS (1996-1999)
Fault-tOlerant Real-Time Systems
(software, distributions, man pages, papers, etc)

DORITOS (1997-1999)
educational resources in teaching real-time systems.

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