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PhotoMarkus U. Mock

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Computer Science
University of Pittsburgh

Ph.D., University of Washington, 2002

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Contact Information

Office: 6407 Sennott Square
Mailing address:

Department of Computer Science
6407 Sennott Square
University of Pittsburgh
210 S. Bouquet St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Phone: +1 (412) 624-8837
Fax: +1 (412) 624-8854

Office hours for Spring 2005: Mondays  4-5pm & Thursays 10:45-11:45, and by appointment


My research interests are compilers and their interaction with computer architecture, (run-time) program optimization, static and dynamic program analysis and their applications in optimization and software engineering. My current research focuses on improving program analysis and optimization by exploiting run-time information to improve on purely static approaches, with applications in compilers and software engineering. 

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Recent and upcoming courses:

Recent Publications

A detailed list of publications appears here.

To appear / under submission:

  • Program Slicing  with Dynamic Points-to Sets

Selected recent publications:




My research is supported by grants from the University of Pittsburgh and National Science Foundation, Next Generation Software Program Award 0406124.

Markus Mock

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