How to use Matlab at Upitt?


The Matlab at UPitt runs on CIS machines under both unix and windows. This gives you a number of different ways to use it.

1.  Go to a CSSD maintained Computing Lab. The MATLAB 6.5 Release 13 is currently running in all Labs except for Alumni Hall.

2. Log in remotely to and call Matlab from there. You will need a CIS account to do this. All pitt students should have received such an account automatically.

The procedure for doing so from a departmental unix box is:

i) Type "xhost +" at the command line

 ii) Enter "ssh -l {username}" replacing {username} with the appropriate handle

 iii) Once logged into unixs, type "setup matlab"

 iv) Type "matlab". MatLab should appear on the screen

The procedure for doing so from a departmental windows box is a bit different. If you are at a windows machine with a working X PC interface, then:

 i) Run the X interface

 ii) Telnet to

 iii) Once logged in, type: "setenv DISPLAY={machine name}:0.0" replacing {machine name} as appropriate

iv) run "xterm &"

v) Type "setup matlab" in the xterm window

vi) Type "matlab" in the xterm window

MatLab and the MatLab editor should appear on the screen. If you are at a windows machine without a working X PC interace, then you will still be able to use Matlab, but you will have to use pico, emacs, windows notepad, or some other editor in place of the MatLab editor. Procedure:

 i) Telnet to

ii) Type "setup matlab"

iii) Type "matlab".

Matlab will run and appear in the telnet session window