PhD Candidate (Expected April 2014)
Department of Computer Science
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, USA,

My research interest is in computer vision, graphics and visualization; medical imaging, computational modeling, analysis and visualization of scientific data, building automated tools. I work with Prof. Liz Marai in the Interdisciplinary Visualization Research (iVRL) lab.


  • Scientific visualization, Medical imaging, Computer vision, Machine learning, Computational modeling, Big data.
  • Interdisciplinary collaborations, Public speech, Group management.
  • Technical: Vtk (Visualization Toolkit), Coin3D, OpenGL, Matlab, MeVisLab, MeshLab, Paraview, Processing, D3 (Data-Driven Documents), MPI (Message Passing Interface), NAG Library, Qt.


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  • Md. Abedul Haque, G. Elisabeta Marai. Image to Mesh: Spinal Ligament 3D Surface Models from Bone Volume Images and Dynamic Radiographs. MeshMed: Workshop on Mesh Processing in Medical Imaging, MICCAI, 2013, pp. 1-12
  • Md. Abedul Haque, W. Anderst, S. Tashman, G.E. Marai. Hierarchical Model-based Tracking of Cervical Vertebrae from Dynamic Biplane Radiographs. Journal of Medical Engineering & Physics, 35(7), 2013, pp. 994-1004 DOI.
  • Md. A. Haque. A Dynamic-Image Framework for Geometric Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Human Joints. IEEE Vis2012, Doctoral Colloquium, Oct 2012.
  • Md. A. Haque, W. Anderst, S. Tashman, G.E. Marai. Validation of a Non-invasive Automated Hierarchical Method to Precisely Measure Lumbar Spine Movement. The 2012 Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society, Feb 2012.
  • A. Maries, Md. A. Haque, S. L. Yilmaz, M. B. Nik, G.E. Marai. Interactive Exploration of Stress Tensors Used in Computational Turbulent Combustion. New Developments in the Visualization and Processing of Tensor Fields, D. Laidlaw and A. Villanova (editors), Springer, 2011, pp. 137-156.
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  • M. H. Kabir, M. A. Haque. A Novel Block Matching Algorithm for Motion Vector Estimation . Proc. of IEEE PACRIM 09, Victoria, August 2009.