Optional Papers

To keep the amount of mandatory reading per class reasonable (typically one journal or two conference papers), we will distribute individual knowledge among the group* through supplementary presentations of one optional paper per class. In particular, for two classes that you are not leading, each of you will be expected to read one paper that is mandatory for you, but optional for the rest of the class. You will be expected to 1) write an 800 word or less reaction essay for this paper (providing both an objective and subjective summary) which you will email to the class 24 hours in advance, and 2) incorporate this paper into the class discussion. In addition to knowledge distribution, this will give you valuable research skills.


Summaries of optional papers are due by 11:00 AM the day before the class during which the paper will be presented (that is, 24 hours in advance).

For these two classes, you will receive a score of 1 (satisfactory) or 0 (unsatisfactory). Late assignments receive 0.

*Thanks to Prof. Wiebe for the distribution of knowledge idea, although I have implemented it rather differently.