Language Modeling with N-Grams

Matthew O’Brien -

Manwen Zhu -

Part-of-Speech Tagging

Pranut Jain - Fast and Robust Part-of-Speech Tagging Using Dynamic Model Selection

Formal Grammars and Syntactic Parsing

Nathaniel Blake - Deterministic Parsing of Syntactic Non-fluencies

Statistical Parsing

Gaoxiang Zhou -

Vector Semantics

Khushboo Thaker - Non-distributional Word Vector Representations

Semantics with Dense Vectors

Luca Luginii - Linguistic Regularities in Continuous Space Word Representations

Computing with Word Senses:  WSD and WordNet

Giacomo Nebbia -


Yubin Ge -

Semantic Role Labeling

Ningqian Zhang -

Information Extraction

Qiuyang Xu -

Question Answering

Yehong Sun -


Sumedha Singla - Patterns of Wisdom: Discourse-Level Style in Multi-Sentence Quotations


Nick Miller -


Ahmed Magooda - (Abstractive Sentence Summarization with Attentive Recurrent Neural Networks)

Tazin Afrin - Coarse-grained Argumentation Features for Scoring Persuasive Essays