CS 2001: Research Topics in Computer Science

Fall 2014

General Information


    Professor Diane Litman
    Offices: 5105 Sennott Sq; 741 LRDC
    Email: litman -at- cs.pitt.edu
    Phone: 412-624-8838
Meeting Times:
  • TH 1:00 - 2:15 PM, 6516 SENSQ
  • F TBA (alternate, rarely used)
Office Hours:
  • Any time my door is open


Course Description

This course introduces first year graduate students to research being conducted in the Computer Science Department. The course will also introduce students to the research process in general. All first year Ph.D. students are required to take this course. Masters students are welcome, since the course is open to all Computer Science graduate students, but it does not count towards the MS degree.


Lecture/Talk Schedule

Class # Date Topics Resources
1 8/26 (Tue) Administrivia and Introduction [Notes] -
2 8/28 (Thu) Paper Reading [Notes]
3 9/2 (Tue) Paper Reviewing [Notes]
4 9/4 (Thu) No Class -
5 9/9 (Tue) Scripting, plotting, LaTeX [Notes]
(Student Lecturer: Fan Zhang)
6 9/11 (Thu) Department computing resources, SVN, Condor, etc. [Notes]
(Student Lecturer: Wencan Luo)
7 9/16 (Tue) Giving a research talk [Notes]
[talk version1 (pptx), talk version2 (pptx)]
8 9/18 (Thu) Peer Review Software [Notes]
(Student Lecturer: Huy Nguyen)
9 9/23 (Tue) Research Integrity
(Faculty Lecturer: Prof. Bob Daley)
The following must be read before lecture: NEW! Links from Prof. Daley's presentation
10 9/25 (Thu) Student Presentations I (20 minutes each)
  • Paper 1: Ge and Guo
  • Paper 1: Huang and Li
  • Paper 4: Yin, Zhang, and Zhao
  1. Prince Mahajan, Srinath Setty, Sangmin Lee, Allen Clement, Lorenzo Alvisi, Mike Dahlin, and Michael Walfish, Depot: Cloud Storage with Minimal Trust, Proc. Operating Systems Design and Implementation, 2010.

  2. Myle Ott,Yejin Choi, Claire Cardie, and Jeffrey Hancock, Finding Deceptive Opinion Spam by Any Stretch of the Imagination. Proc. Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies, 2011.

  3. Sruthi Bandhakavi, Prithvi Bisht, P. Madhusudan, V.N. Venkatakrishnan, CANDID: preventing SQL injection attacks using dynamic candidate evaluations, Proc. Computer and Communication Security, 2007.

  4. Tao Zhang, Ke Chen, Cong Xu, Guangyu Sun, Tao Wang and Yuan Xie, Half-Dram: a High-bandwidth and Low-power DRAM Architecture from the Rethinking of Fine-grained Activation, Proc. ISCA, 2014.

  5. Review Form
11 9/30 (Tue) Student Presentations II
  • Paper 2: Jiang and Lee
  • Paper 2: Liu and Lugini
  • Paper 2: Ong, Raghu and Eshaghzadeh Torbati
12 10/2 (Thu) Student Presentations III
  • Paper 3: Alaerjan, Alseghayer and Nguyen

Discussion of presentations with Prof. Litman

From this point on, you must read and write a review of one of the two papers posted for each week. The paper review template that you should fill out and then upload into ARROW can be found here. After this upload, you will have one more week to provide 3 peer reviews of other students' uploads using ARROW (just for the assignment that you submitted to). For general guidance consult your notes from classes 2 and 3. Both your review of one faculty paper, and your peer reviews of 3 student reviews from the prior week, are due by midnight on each Sunday.
13 10/7 (Tue) Professor Zhang pdf
14 10/9 (Thu) Professor Chang doc

NOTE - class will be from 1:40-2:20 today

- 10/14 (Tue) Fall Break -
15 10/16 (Thu) Professor Childers pdf
16 10/21 (Tue) Professor Pruhs pdf
17 10/22 (We)

SENSQ 6329

Professor Hauskrecht pdf

NOTE - class will be moved to WEDNESDAY 10/22 3-4:15 (the department colloquium time) in SENSQ 6329

18 10/28 (Tue) Professor Hwa pdf

Course Project Assigned (pdf)

19 10/30 (Thu) Professor Kovashka pdf
20 11/4 (Tue) Professor Lange -
21 11/6 (Thu) Professor Mosse' pdf
22 11/11 (Tue) Professor Litman pdf
23 11/13 (Thu) Professor Melhem pdf
24 11/18 (Tue) Professor Lee pdf
25 11/20 (Thu) Professors Chrysanthis-Labrinidis pdf
26 11/25 (Tue) Professor Wang pdf
- 11/27 (Thu) Thanksgiving Break -
27 12/2 (Tue) Professor Wiebe pdf
28 12/4 (Thu) Professor Ahn pdf
29 12/9 (Tue) Professor Znati pdf

DUE: Course Project

30 12/11 (Thu) No more professors, so no class -

Additional Useful Links

Many useful presentations on the above (and additional) topics can be found on the agenda of the CRA-W Graduate Cohort 2014 Workshop.


Thanks to Professor Adam Lee for sharing his materials and insights from previous iterations of CS2001.