Quiz 4 (CS1573)

  1. Explain one of the three reasons discussed in class and in the readings for doing machine learning?

§         Data mining

§         Software applications we can’t program by hand

§         Self customizing programs

  1. Define a learning problem (by specifying a task, performance measure, and experience) for learning to take the SAT test.

§         Task: Take the SAT test

§         Performance measure: Score

§         Experience:  Practice taking SAT tests.


  1. For the task of learning whether someone will wait at a restaurant or not (as discussed in class and in the text), is the training experience
    1. direct or indirect
    2. provided by a teacher or not
    3. representative of test data? yes


  1. Why is learning called function approximation?

See Mitchell’s handout, page 8. “… we often expect learning algorithms to acquire only some approximation to the target function, and for this reason the process of learning the target function is often called function approximation.”