HOMEWORK 2 (CS 1573): Pittsburgh Food Eliza

Evaluation UPDATE

As discussed in class on 2/12, instead of being assigned 2 programs, each student should pick 2 (or more) of the programs described below - NOT including your own - for this portion of Homework 2.

5 programs (those that were written in either python or perl) can now be found at /afs/cs.pitt.edu/projects/nltk/CS1573

Each system has its own directory, which contains the code and a readme file.

You should be able to get there and run these programs from unixs.cis.pitt.edu. You can also copy them somewhere else and run them there.

Please note that some of the systems generate an output file. If you run in the class directory, be sure that if you want to save such a file that you move it somewhere else so it doesn't potentially get clobbered by another student.