HOMEWORK 1 (CS 1573)

Assigned: January 15, 2004

Due: January 29, 2004

The following exercises all concern the use and modification of the AIMA implementation of environments and agents for the vacuum-cleaner world. This code can be found from the AIMA Code webpage.

NOTE: agent.py provides a Graphical User Interface for Environments. The Tkinter class does not seem to be installed properly in the CSSD machines. So you will have to edit agent.py to agent2.py, which does not give you the GUI. Similar problems might exist with other languages.


Intelligent Agents

The following exercise numbers refer to the exercises at the end of AIMA Chapter 2 (page 57).

2.7: (programming)

2.8: (programming) In addition, use compare_agents to compare this performance with RandomAgent in this environment.

2.10 (a): (written)

Empirical Methods

Question (written): Discuss question 2.8 above from an empirical perspective, using the notions from Parts III and IV of the lecture presented in class. In particular, be sure to discuss the hypothesis, the experimental design, how the problem issues were dealt with, the data analysis, and your conclusions.