CS 3150 Topics in Algorithms

The topic for Spring 2010 is Science of Power Management



Kirk Pruhs                                      

Email: kirk@cs.pitt.edu                 
Phone : 412-624-8844

The course will meet MWF 2:20-3:50 when I am not traveling to academic conferences. The first class will be Wednesday January 6. In total we will meet between 25 and 30 times.

Course Description

This will be a reading course covering recent literature on power management. The first 1/2 of the course will consist of the instructor presenting recent papers from the algorithmic and computer science theory  literature. The second half of the course, the students will present  papers from the computer systems literature. One of the goals of these presentations is to get a broad picture of the state of current research on power management. Another goal of the presenations, and class discussions, is to identify algorithmically interesting problems that arise in different areas of application. 

Topic or Guest Speaker
Wednesday January 6
Organizational Meeting

Monday January 11
Introduction to speed scaling
Notes on YDS paper
Wednesday Janaury 13
Amortized local competitiveness analysis using OA as an example
Notes on OA analysis in the qOA paper
Wednesday January 20
  • Temperature
  • The algorithm design of BKP and the analysis of BKP for temperature
Notes on thermal management
Monday January 25
Speed scaling for flow time and energy
Wednesday January 27
Experimental Experience with Speed Scaling by Google researchers
Monday February 1
Introduction to Power/Shut Down
  • 2 state (ski rental)
    • deterministic
    • randomize
  • multistate lower envelope algorithm
    • determinist
    • randomized
Slides from Sandy Irani
Wedneday February 3
Guest Speaker: Anshul Gandhi

Monday February 8
Power/Shut Down
slides from Chaitanya Swamy
Wednesday February 10
Power down and speed scaling combined
Paper selections due
Slides from Sandy Irani
Wednesday February 24
Guest Speaker: Shimin Chen, Intel
Slides From Shimin Chen
Friday February 26
Guest speaker: Jun Yang

Monday March 1
Scheduling for idleness/gaps

Slides from Marek Chrobak

Animation by Christoph Durr
Wednesday March 3
Peak Shaving
Slides by Matt Johnson
Monday March 15
Daniel Cole

Wednesday March 17
Brian Wongchaowart

Friday March 19
Michael Moeng

Monday March 22
Patrick McClory

Wednesday March 24
James Larkby-Lahet
Monday March 29
Daniel Cole
Wednesday March 31
Sangyeun Cho
Rami Melhem

Monday April 5
Brian Wongchaowart
Friday April 9 Michael Moeng Slides
Monday April 12 Patrick McClory Slides
Friday April 16 James Larkby-Lahet Slides
Monday April 19 Daniel Cole Slides
Wednesday  April 21 Brian Wongchaowart slides
Friday April 23 Michael Moeng Slides
Monday April 26
Patrick McClory Slides
Wednesday April 28 James Larkby-Lahet Slides

Tentative Reading List:

This will surely evolve significantly. The following papers are from the theoretical CS and algorithms literature, or papers recommended by colleagues.

The following papers were obtain by searching the following conferences from 2007 - 2010:

Architecture: ASPLOS, ISCA, MICRO


  • ISCA 2007:
  • ISCA 2008
  • ISCA 2009
  • ASPLOS 2006
  • Mercury and freon: temperature emulation and management for server systems

  • ASPLOS 2008
  • ASPLOS 2009
  • APLOS 2010

  • MICRO 2007
  • MICRO 2008
  • MICRO 2009
  • NSDI 2008
  • NSDI 2009
  • NSDI 2010
  • MOBICOM 2009
  • SIGMETRICS 2007:
  • SIGMETRICS 2008:
  • SIGMETRICS 2009:
  • INFOCOM 2007:
  • INFOCOM 2008:
  • INFOCOM 2009:
  • Power-Aware Speed Scaling In Processor Sharing Systems

  • SOSP 2009:
  • SOSP 2007:
  • HotPower 2008 (co-located with OSDI'08):

  • Interesting Web Resource