Graph Related Applets / Algorithms

Bi-Connected Components Applet
This is a very good applet which demonstates how to find bi-conneted components in a graph. It allows the user to create their own graph, and then run the algorithm on the graph to see where the bi-connected components of it are. It also has a mode where the user can try to guess which points will be points of articulation, and then see if the user was corrent. Also contains a source code for the algorithm, along with other information. Newly added are an animation option to see the nodes visited and information about order visited and lowest node reachable now also displayed next to node number

Network Flow Applet
This is a good applet which allows the user to create a network, along with set edge limits and then run the Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm on the graph / network and step through to see where the flow goes at each step.

Graph Applet
This is a very good applet allowing the user to choose one of the following to play with:
-Prim's Minimal Spanning Tree
-Kriskal's Minimal Spanning Tree
-Dijkstra's Algorithm
-Floyd's Shortest Path Algorithm
-2-3-4 Trees
-Red-Black Trees
-Splay Trees
-A couple of String Searching Algorithms
-Couple of Sorting Algorithms and
-the Knapsack Problem

All of the above are done very well and include excellent grpahics and a quiz mode so you can guess the next step in which ever algorithm you decided to look at. The link will lead to a page where you can download the program and run it.

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