PlaylistEditor for PocketPC ARM


08-08-05 -- Version 1.7 Released

11-07-05 -- Version 1.6 Released

11-03-05 -- Version 1.5 Released

09-04-05 -- Version 1.4 Released

Only 1 change in this version:

08-15-05 -- Version 1.3 Released

Several UI enhancements:

04-25-05 -- Version 1.2 Released

12-18-04 -- Version 1.1 Released

12-17-04 -- Version 1.0 Released


Version 1.7:

CAB self installer: Download PlaylistEditor.ARM.CAB

ZIP manual install (copy gsgetfile.dll to \windows, exe anywhere): Download

Older versions:

1.6 Download
1.5 Download
1.4 Download
1.3 Download


Since WMP 10 doesn't allow for easy creation, editing, or saving of playlists, I wrote my own ASX playlist editor. It's still lacking in some features, but it does work as far as I've tested it.



Simply unzip the files into any folder you like. No Desktop installer or .cab files.

How to use:

To Add Individual Songs:

  1. Click the "+" Button in the toolbar
  2. Click "Browse" to find the song, and Click "OK"
  3. The program will guess at a good title, if you want it different, change it in the Title textbox. (ID3 support coming soon)
  4. Click "Ok"
  5. The song will now show up in the list box at the bottom.

How to Add an Entire Directory:

  1. Go to Edit > Import... menu
  2. Browse to the directory you want by double clicking a directory
  3. Check the "Recurse Subdirectories" checkbox if you want to include songs from all folders under this one as well
  4. Click the "OK" button

NOTE: Import includes ALL files, not just music ones, I'll work on that.


Other Instructions:

  1. If you want to manually change the title or the path, double click on it in the list and an edit dialog box will appear.
  2. You can rearrange the order of the songs by selecting a song and then using the up and down arrows
  3. The "X" in the toolbar deletes the selected song from the playlist
  4. Edit > Clear clears the entire playlist

Known Bugs/Limitations:

(c) 2004 Jonathan Misurda