The first International Workshop on:

Graph-based Educational Datamining (G-EDM)

Held in Conjunction with the 7th International Conference on Educational Datamining July 4th - 7th 2014.

Institute of Education University of London, London, United Kingdom.

*** Submission Deadline Extended to April 24th ***

Graph data has become increasingly prevalent in data-mining and data analysis. Many types of data can be represented naturally as graphs including social network data, log traversal, and online discussions. Recent work on peer tutoring, online resource use, and argumentation has highlighted educationally relevant data that lends itself to graphical analysis including:

While this type of educational data has grown increasingly common it has only recently been approached by the EDM community and no strong community of educational graph researchers has developed to share common problems, tools, and techniques. In our view developing such a community is essential to support educational datamining in this area. Our intended audience includes academic and industry researchers who have graphical data and are seeking advice or analytical tools and interested tool developers and theoreticians who seek substantive problems.

This workshop will foster a shared community by providing a forum to discuss ongoing work, share lessons learned, and to identify common challenges. The workshop will be structured as a mini-conference with time set aside for paper presentations, demos, and meetings to discuss future avenues of research. We will consider submissions of full and short papers as well as posters and demos covering a range of graphical topics above including:

Sincerely: Dr. Collin Lynch, & Dr. Tiffany Barnes.

Paper Formats

We particularly welcome submission of in-progress work both from students and researchers with problems who are seeking appropriate analytical tools, and developers of graph analysis tools who are seeking new challenges. We will accept long papers, short papers, and poster/demo submissions. The papers will be hosted online at the workshop website and at All submissions should be novel and not previously published work.

Long papers should be from describe mature work and be from 7-8 pages long.

Short papers should be 5 pages long and describe planned research; existing datasets that would be amenable to graphical analysis; or analytical tools that are available for use.

Poster and demo submissions should be 3 pages and should present an overview of the planned content. Posters and demos should be focused on available datasets and tools and be designed to foster discussion.

Papers should be submitted in the EDM 2014 latex and word formats:

Additionally we are pleased to announce that selected papers from the workshops will be invited for extension in a special issue of the International Journal of Educational Datamining (JEDM).


Papers should be submitted via EasyChair at:


The workshop will be organized as a mini-conference with time set aside for short presentations, collaborative discussion, and demos. More information on the presentation formats will be made available once the final submissions are selected.

Important Dates