Chris Thomas

Ph.D. Student
5404 Sennott Square
Department of Computer Science
University of Pittsburgh

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I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Pittsburgh. My research is in computer vision, a sub-area of the broad field of artificial intelligence. My research interests can be broadly categorized as image generation, visual recognition, and high-level image understanding. I am advised by Professor Adriana Kovashka.

In 2017, I did a research internship at Yahoo! Research in New York City. My mentor was Yale Song. Previously, I worked as part of the Keystone Design Group as part of the five-year NSF Expedition in Computing, Visual Cortex on Silicon.

Selected Projects

Lewis Hine Photograph (Hunter)
Seeing Behind the Camera: Identifying the Authoriship of a Photograph
(CVPR 2016)
Christopher Thomas and Adriana Kovashka
We propose the novel problem of photographer authoriship classification and provide a large dataset and CNN trained from scratch for this task.
Project Page (contains paper, supplementary material, dataset, and trained CNN).
OpenSALICON Saliency Map
OpenSALICON: An Open Source Implementation of the Salicon Saliency Model
Technical Report (2016)
Christopher Thomas
We provide an open source implementation of the SALICON saliency algorithm, one of the top-performing saliency algorithms on the MIT 300 saliency benchmark.
GitHub Page (contains technical report and code) and Pre-trained Models.