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[   ]Poster_Hong_ICML_Clinical_2012.pdf243KAnalysis of Temporal Clinical Patterns using Hidden Markov Models (ICML-2012 Workshop on Clinical Data Analysis)
[   ]MLME_SDM2015.pdf663KPDF documents
[   ]MLCRF_SDM2014.pdf278KAn Optimization-based Framework to Learn Conditional Random Fields for Multi-label Classification (SDM-2014)
[   ]MC_CIKM2014.pdf414KA Mixtures-of-Trees Framework for Multi-label Classification (CIKM-2014)
[   ]Hong_DC_AAAI2015.pdf152KMultivariate Conditional Anomaly Detection and Its Clinical Application (AAAI DC 2015)
[   ]CTBN_CIKM2013.pdf477KAn Efficient Probabilistic Framework for Multi-Dimensional Classification (CIKM-2013)

      Charmgil Hong | charmgil at cs dot pitt dot edu
Computer Science Department, University of Pittsburgh, 210 S Bouquet St. Pittsburgh, PA 15260