Charmgil Hong

Hello. I’m Charmgil.

(as of March 2018)

PhD Student

Computer Science Dept.

Univ. of Pittsburgh


Curriculum Vitae


I am a Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Computer Science, University of Pittsburgh, working under the supervision of Dr. Milos Hauskrecht. I am interested in developing and applying machine learning/data mining techniques to address large and complex data-driven problems. Before I joined PITT, I studied and enjoyed life at Handong Global University.

(2018-1-22) Our work on conditional outlier detection has been accepted to the FLAIRS conference.

(2018-1-31) My thesis document is finally available from D-Scholarship (link).

(2017-10-3) I am starting my new position as Postdoctoral Associate at the School of Computing and Information, University of Pittsburgh, under the supervision of Dr. Milos Hauskrecht.

(2017-8-9) I have successfully defended my thesis, “Multivariate Data Modeling and Its Applications to Conditional Outlier Detection.” Slides are available in the public folder.

(2017-7-21) My thesis defense has been scheduled for Aug 9, 2017 at 11AM. The location will be the CS Seminar Room (5317) at Sennott Square (210 S Bouquet St).

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