Charmgil Hong

Hello. I’m Charmgil.

(as of August 2016)

PhD Student

Computer Science Dept.

Univ. of Pittsburgh


Curriculum Vitae


I am a PhD candidate in computer science, working with Dr. Milos Hauskrecht at the University of Pittsburgh. Before I joined PITT, I studied and enjoyed life at Handong Global University. I am interested in statistical machine learning and its application to real-world data.

(2016-8-4) A Matlab implementation of ML-ME [Hong, Batal, and Hauskrecht, 2015] is now publicly available. Link

(2016-7-7) I have successfully defended my thesis proposal, “Multivariate Data Modeling and Its Application to Conditional Outlier Detection.” Slides for my presentation is available in the public folder.

(2016-5-11) Our work on the outlier detection and class imbalance problem will be presented at the ODD workshop (a SIGKDD workshop program).

(2016-3-24) Come by my poster at Grad Expo 2016! Link

(2016-2-11) I am going to present a summary of my thesis at AAAI 2016.

(2015-12-15) I finally returned to campus after an extended stay in the hospital.

(2015-8-29) Please join us to welcome Cielle Hong, our newborn daughter!

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