Lecture II on Virtual Spaces: From the Past to the Future

Lecture 2. Spatial Relations and Patterns (空間關係及模式)

First we talk about the concept of space and the decomposition of space (空間的世界) .

Then we talk about Christopher Alexander's pattern language for the architecture of the built world, and its relation to software engineering through James O. Coplien's paper "Space: the Final Frontier".

On the computer science side, there is an introduction on visual languages and theoretical work on spatial relations.

References: (4) Alexander, Christopher. The Timeless Way of Building. New York: Oxford University Press, 1979. (5) Alexander, Christopher, et al. A Pattern Language. New York: Oxford University Press, 1977. (6) James O. Coplien, "Space: the Final Frontier", C++ Report 10(3), March 1998, pp. 11 - 17.

Group Project Part-II: Search for spatial relations and decomposition rules (patterns) in a few architectural examples. (Hint: Take the refuge-and-prospect examples from Part I and study the spatial relations and decomposition rules).

Play Part II of videotape on American architect Frank Lloyd Wright (105 min) (Wright is to American architecture as Gershwin is to American music, or Whitman to American poetry)