Outline of CS2650: Distributed Multimedia Systems

Part I: Elements of Distributed Multimedia Systems

Multimedia Data Modeling

(REQ) Introduction

(REQ) 1. Modeling Time-Based Media

(REQ) Introduction to Petri Nets

2. Document Model Issues for Hypermedia

S. K. Chang, "The Growing Book"

(REQ) Exercise 1

(REQ) Introduction to Multimedia Software Engineering

(REQ) Active Index ( S. K. Chang, "Towards a Theory of Active Index" , Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, Vol. 6, No. 1, March 1995, 101-118.)

(REQ) Slow Intelligence Systems

(REQ) Slow Intelligence Systems Testbed

H. Chang, S. K. Chang, T. Hou and A. Hsu, "The Management and Applications of Tele-Action Objects" , ACM Journal of Multimedia Systems, Springer Verlag, Volume 3, Issue 5-6, 1995, 204-216.

(REQ) Exercise 2

Multimedia Information Retrieval

Introduction (Image search engines Google and Simplicity, video search engines Virage, and voice seach engines Phonetic systems and voice-activated personal assistant)

(REQ) Sigma Query Language and Sigma Operator for Information Fusion

Multi-Information Fusion by Query Refinement

3. Content-Based Indexing and Retrieval

4. Video and Image Content Representation

5. Video Segmentation for Video Data Management (try segmentation using Hypermedia Image Processing Toolkit)

Shenoda Girguis, Rohit Kulkarni and S. K. Chang, "A Multimedia Data Streams Model for Content-based Information Retrieval"

( S. K. Chang, "Review: Media Enhanced Input/Output Metaphors for Content-Based Access to Multimedia Documents")

( T. Catarci, S. K. Chang, L. B. Dong and G. Santucci, "A Prototype Web-at-A-Glance System for Intelligent Information Retrieval" , Proc. of 1997 Conf. on Software Eng. and Knowledge Eng., Madrid, Spain, June 18-20, 1997) (see the experimental WAG system).

Exercise 3

Multimedia Interfaces

S. K. Chang, "Visual Languages and Programming", Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, John Wiley and Sons, 1998. (an iconic language example)

6. Visual Interfaces to Multimedia Databases (Presentation methodologies and tools, Teleconferencing tools)

7. Multimedia Interfaces - Multimedia Content Indication

8. Extensible Markup Language XML, X-SMILES and SMIL.

Exercise 4

Memory and Database Management

Introduction: Dependency relations for Multimedia Databases
(S. K. Chang, V. Defeumia, G. Polese, "A Normalization Framework for Multimedia Databases")
(Application to Database Refractoring)

9. Memory and Database Management: Codecs

10. Design of Large-Scale Multimedia-on-Demand Storage Servers and Storage Hierarchies

Multimedia Communications


Introduction to MPEG

11. Multmedia Communications - Synchronization

S. K. Chang and T. Znati, "Adlet: Active Document for Adaptive Information Integration", Technical Report, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Pittsburgh, February 1998.

C. C. Lin, S. K. Chang and J. X. Xiang, "Transformation and Exchange of Multimedia Objects in Distributed Multimedia Systems" , ACM Journal of Multimedia Systems, Springer Verlag, Volume 4, Issue 1, 1996, 12-29.

Prototype Systems

12. Image Database Prototypes

13. Video Database Systems - Recent Trends

14. Third-Generation Distributed Hypermedia Systems

S. K. Chang, D. Graupe, K. Hasegawa and H. Kordylewski, "An Active Medical Information System for Information Retrieval, Discovery and Fusion", to appear in International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, Vol. 8, No. 1, March 1998. (see the experimental AMIS system).

Multimedia Information Custom Engineering (MICE): MICE Developer's Guide and MICE Application Development Steps.

Midterm Exam

Part II: Advanced Topics in Multimedia Information Management

Data Modeling

Life Models and Time Scheduling (Andrew Lin)

Information Retrieval Techniques

Image Tagging (Perry Rajnovic) (Click here to try the various image tagging tools. You must have an account for some Flickr capabilities and Facebook)

Multimedia Interfaces

Query By Example and Content-based Retrieval (Ming-Chi Tsai)

Visualization of Retrieval Results (Ting-Ting Jiang)

Memory and Database Management

Multimedia Data Stream Management System (David Kleinman)

Multimedia Database Refractoring (Jiang Luo)

Multimedia Communications

Social Networking (Paul Dillon)

Prototype Systems

Portable Media Devices and Implications on Database Design and Queries (Mark Zalar)

Part III: Term Projects

VC projects

Slow Intelligence projects