Class Presentation and Project Report Guidelines

Your class presentation should be on the web, consisting of no fewer than 15 and no more than 30 html pages.

Your project report should be on the web, consisting of no fewer than 20 and no more tha 40 html pages. In the final project presentation, you will select no more than 5 of the html pages to give a five-minute presentation on your project's highlights.

The "template" for each page is given below:

 < html > 
 < title > Multimedia Software Engineering < /title > 

 < A HREF="previous.html" >  < IMG SRC="previous.gif" align=left >  < /A > 
 < A HREF="next.html" >  < IMG SRC="next.gif" align=right >  < /A > 
 < center > 
 < h1 > 
 < /h1 > 
 < /center > 
 < /html > 

The two gif files to be downloaded are: previous.gif and next.gif. (Click on the link to display the image, then click right button and use "save image as" menu item to save the image.)

To submit the class presentation or project report, e-mail the URL to

How the Presentation will be graded

Total 10 points
Format:  3 faithfully following the recommended format
         2 converted from Powerpoint so the images are too large
         1 not using the recommended format but still web accessible
         0 did not turn in presentation in web accessible format
Content: 4 very exciting, or presenting something new to the class
         3 faithfully covering the topic plus some useful URL links
         2 faithfully covering the topic
         1 more or less covering the topic
         0 inadequate coverage
Attendance: 3 no more than one absence
         2 no more than two absences
         1 no more than three absences
         0 no more than four absences
        -n no more than n-4 absences