CS2310 Multimedia Software Engineering

Survey Topics 1999

1. Multimedia Software Life Cycle

A. Bianchi, P. Bottoni and P. Mussio, "On The Life Cycle of Multimedia Software Systems".

S. G. MacDonell and T. Fletcher, "Industry Practices in Multimedia Project Management" (hc).

2. Project Management using Hypermedia CASE Tools

J. Chris Wild et al., "Project Management using Hypermedia CASE Tools" (hc).

Chris Wild, Kurt Maly and Lianfang Liu, "Decision-based Software Development", Journal of Software Maintenance, Vol. 3, No. 1, 1991.

3. Variorum: Multimedia-based Program Documentation System

T. Chiueh and W. Wu, "Variorum: Multimedia-based Program Documentation System", CS Dept., SUNY, Stony Brook, 1998 (hc).

The Linux documentation.

4. Multimedia applications are growing But software engineers do not fully embrace it.

M. Hirakawa, "Do Software Engineers like Multimedia?", ICMCS99, Firenze, Italy, June 1999.

5. Specification of Multimedia Software Systems using Object Oriented Architecture Description Language

J. P. Tsai, "Knowledge-based Software Architecture", IEEE Trans. on Knowledge and Data Engineering, Vol. 11, No. 1, Jan 1999.

Examples of working multimedia object-oriented systems

6. Model-based Approach to Hypermedia Design

C. M. Tobar and I. L. M. Ricarte, "Extending Model-Based Approaches to Hypermedia Design" (hc).

T. Isakowitz, E. A. Stohr and P. Balasubramanian, "RMM: A Methodology for Structured Hypermedia Design", CACM Vol. 38, No. 8, Aug 1995, pp. 34-44.

A. Dattolo and V. Loia, "A Concurrent, Distributed Model for Hypermedia-based Information Systems", Technical Report, Univ. of Salerno, Italy, 1998.

7. Virtual Multimedia Objects

T. Hochin, M. Harada, M. Nakata and T. Tsuji, "Virtual Multimedia Objects as the Platform of Customizing of Multimedia Data", Proc. Int'l Workshop on Multimedia Software Engineering, Kyoto, Japan, April 1998, pp. 20-27 (hc).

8. Pattern-based Approach to Design Hypermedia Applications

G. Rossi, F. Lyardet, D. Schwabe, "Using Design Patterns in Designing Hypermedia Applications with Objects and Patterns" (hc).

A. Garrido, G. Rossi and D. Schwabe, "Pattern Systems for Hypermedia", Proc. of PloP'97.

D. Lyardet, G. Rossi, D. Schwabe, "Using Design Patterns in Educational Multimedia Applications", Proc. of ED-MEDIA'98, Friburg, June 1998.

9. Embedded Internet System

V. Sequeira, E. Bovisio and J. G. M. Goncalves, "Internet Based Multimedia Interace for the Control and Navigation of a Mobile Platform"

10. "Tyranny of the Link": Hypermedia is a style of building systems for information representation and management around a network of multimedia nodes connected together by typed links.

F. Halasz, "Reflections on Notecards: Seven Issues for the Next Generation of Hypermedia Systems", CACM Vol. 31, No. 7, pp. 836-855.