CS2310 Multimedia Software Engineering

Survey Topics 2003

Concept of Patterns (Brotman)

A Pattern Language (Swati Gupta)

Pattern by Example (Tseytlin)

CRC Cards for Specification (Shi)

The Problem of Context (Kapoor)

Use Case Diagrams (Chang)

UML Collaboration Diagrams and Graph Transformations (Ma)

Light-weight Software Engineering (McDonald)

Adaptive Hypermedia (Shao)

Adaptive Hypermedia Application Model (Goldsworthy)

Sharable Content Object Reference Model SCORM (Girdhar)

Tools: Enterprise Java Beans (Xu)

Tools: Web Matrix (Sapana Chandra)

Tools: PHP (Gould)

Tools: WX Windows (Hemanta)

Representing Time in Multimedia Systems (Ling)

Tools for Representing Time (Anupam Bhadravat)

Petri Nets (Li)

Extended Petri Nets (Huang)