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Notice: Students are responsible for reading all papers listed below prior to the lecture in which they will be discussed. Paper reviews are due at the start of lecture and will not be accepted late without prior approval.

Lecture # Date Topics Presenter
1 1/7 (Tue) Administrivia and course introduction Prof. Lee
2 1/9 (Thu) Cloud and OS Security
Kaan Onarlioglu, Collin Mulliner, William K. Robertson, Engin Kirda: PrivExec: Private Execution as an Operating System Service. IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy 2013: 206-220 [PDF] Nick, Bill, Adam
3 1/14 (Tue) Amit Vasudevan, Sagar Chaki, Limin Jia, Jonathan M. McCune, James Newsome, Anupam Datta: Design, Implementation and Verification of an eXtensible and Modular Hypervisor Framework. IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy 2013: 430-444 [PDF] Yechen
4 1/16 (Thu) Chiachih Wu, Zhi Wang, Xuxian Jiang: Taming Hosted Hypervisors with (Mostly) Deprivileged Execution. NDSS 2013 [PDF] Bill
5 1/21 (Tue) Student Choice: Benjamin S. Lerner, Liam Elberty, Neal Poole, Shriram Krishnamurthi: Verifying Web Browser Extensions' Compliance with Private-Browsing Mode. ESORICS 2013: 57-74 [PDF] Brian
6 1/23 (Thu) Database Security and/or Privacy
Rimma V. Nehme, Hyo-Sang Lim, Elisa Bertino: FENCE: continuous access control enforcement in dynamic data stream environments.CODASPY 2013: 243-254 [PDF] Jacob
7 1/28 (Tue) Sumeet Bajaj, Radu Sion: CorrectDB: SQL Engine with Practical Query Authentication. VLDB 2013: 529-540 [PDF] Cory
8 1/30 (Thu) Stephen Tu, M. Frans Kaashoek, Samuel Madden, Nickolai Zeldovich: Processing Analytical Queries over Encrypted Data. VLDB 2013: 289-300 [PDF] Mario
9 2/4 (Tue) Nicholas L. Farnan, Adam J. Lee, Panos K. Chrysanthis, and Ting Yu: PAQO: Preference-Aware Query Optimization for Decentralized Database Systems. ICDE 2014. [PDF] Nick
10 2/6 (Thu) Student Choice: TBD Cory
11 2/11 (Tue) Pervasive Sensing
Suman Jana, Arvind Narayanan, Vitaly Shmatikov: A Scanner Darkly: Protecting User Privacy from Perceptual Applications. IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy 2013: 349-363 [PDF] Brandon
12 2/13 (Thu) Robert Templeman, Zahid Rahman, David J. Crandall, Apu Kapadia: PlaceRaider: Virtual Theft in Physical Spaces with Smartphones. NDSS 2013 [PDF] Jacob
13 2/18 (Tue) Sameer Patil, Roman Schlegel, Apu Kapadia, and Adam J. Lee: Reflection or Action?: How Feedback and Control Affect Location Sharing Decisions. CHI 2014 [PDF] Brian
14 2/20 (Thu) Student Choice: Jun Han, Emmanuel Owusu, Le T. Nguyen, Adrian Perrig, Joy Zhang: ACComplice: Location inference using accelerometers on smartphones. COMSNETS 2012: 1-9. [PDF] Yechen
15 2/25 (Tue) Storage
Bo Chen, Reza Curtmola: Towards self-repairing replication-based storage systems using untrusted clouds. CODASPY 2013: 377-388 [PDF] Bill
16 2/27 (Thu) Project proposal mini-presentations -
17 3/04 (Tue) No class: Prof. Lee is at CODASPY -
18 3/06 (Thu) Christian Cachin, Kristiyan Haralambiev, Hsu-Chun Hsiao, Alessandro Sorniotti: Policy-based secure deletion. ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security 2013: 259-270 [PDF] Mario
- 3/11 (Tues) Spring break. No class.
- 3/13 (Thu) Spring break. No class.
19 3/18 (Tue) Access Control
Vivek Krishnan, Mahesh V. Tripunitara, Kinson Chik, Tony Bergstrom: Relating declarative semantics and usability in access control. SOUPS 2012 [PDF] Brandon
20 3/20 (Thu) Anna Lisa Ferrara, Georg Fuchsbauer, Bogdan Warinschi: Cryptographically Enforced RBAC. CSF 2013: 115-129 [PDF] -
21 3/25 (Tue) Michael Carl Tschantz, Anupam Datta, Jeannette M. Wing: Purpose Restrictions on Information Use. ESORICS 2013: 610-627 [PDF] Briand
22 3/27 (Thu) William C. Garrison III, Yechen Qiao, and Adam J. Lee: On the Suitability of Dissemination-centric Access Control Systems for Group-centric Sharing. CODASPY 2014. [PDF] Bill
23 4/1 (Tue) Student Choice: Alireza Sharifi, Mahesh V. Tripunitara: Least-restrictive enforcement of the Chinese wall security policy. SACMAT 2013: 61-72 [PDF] -
24 4/03 (Thu) Potpourri
Michelle L. Mazurek, Saranga Komanduri, Timothy Vidas, Lujo Bauer, Nicolas Christin, Lorrie Faith Cranor, Patrick Gage Kelley, Richard Shay,Blase Ur: Measuring password guessability for an entire university. ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security 2013: 173-186 [PDF] -
25 4/08 (Tue) Lei Wu, Michael C. Grace, Yajin Zhou, Chiachih Wu, Xuxian Jiang: The impact of vendor customizations on android security. ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security 2013: 623-634 [PDF] -
26 4/10 (Thu) Ninghui Li, Wahbeh H. Qardaji, Dong Su, Yi Wu, Weining Yang: Membership privacy: a unifying framework for privacy definitions. ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security 2013: 889-900 [PDF] -
27 4/15 (Tue) Vera D. Khovanskaya, Eric P. S. Baumer, Dan Cosley, Stephen Voida, Geri Gay: "Everybody knows what you're doing": a critical design approach to personal informatics. CHI 2013: 3403-3412 [PDF] -
28 4/17 (Thu) Student Choice: Hamed Soroush, Keen Sung, Erik G. Learned-Miller, Brian Neil Levine, Marc Liberatore: Turning Off GPS Is Not Enough: Cellular Location Leaks over the Internet. Privacy Enhancing Technologies 2013: 103-122 [PDF] -
29 4/22 (Tue) Final Project Presentations -
30 4/24 (Thu) Final Project Presentations -